Everyday with GPT-4

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What if I tell you that most people using GPT-4 barely scratch the surface of its possibilities?

What if you could access AI anywhere and make it perform actions for you?

This framework is all about that. But let's start from the beginning.

For months I've been using ChatGPT in my work as a developer founder. From helping me with bug fixes to figuring out the outline for a blog post I found AI really helpful. But I knew there's much more to it than simple prompts and getting answer to my questions.

I've always been a fan of Automation. Although I can code, I love the simplicity of tools like Zapier, Make or Shortcuts that I can use with all my devices and easily perform actions from adding people to my email list to controlling my smart home appliances. Once I started pairing AI with automation I realised the true potential of OpenAI's API — there's so much to explore beyond simple prompting and chatting with GPT!

Step by step I started to automate more daily tasks and routines about my work, coding, writing and more.
I came up with simple solutions for my problems, for example:

  • How do I add a keyboard shortcut that automatically translate text in clipboard?
  • How do I add tasks to my todo list just by chatting to AI?
  • Is it possible to read any website and perform some AI tasks based on this data?
  • How can I feed ChatGPT with information so that it can recall it later on?


It turns out, everything I was trying to figure out is possible thanks to AI and Automation. And you will find all of the answers in my framework.

I believe that my work is unique in a sense that most people don't go very deep in tweaking AI to their needs. You will find hundreds of products with readymade prompts or very basic ideas, but they're not really useful. Very rarely someone is trying to figure out how this can work even better. This is probably because most people don't use AI everyday like I do.

Hopefully, the resource I created will give you deeper dive into the world of GPT-4 and a truly amazing support for your everyday tasks.

Imagine, you can:

  • Ask GPT-4 for actions instead of just answers — e.g. create a draft and post it on WordPress
  • Access it from any device and with voice interface. Like you would talk to Siri.
  • Get your most useful prompts at your fingertips with keyboard shortcuts — e.g. draft replies to emails without leaving Gmail
  • Use GPT-4 accross your company to help you generate leads, graphics, assets and more

This product is a missing manual that will let you accomplish even more with GPT-4 and ChatGPT!

So, what is inside this bundle?

✅ 140+ pages of my approach and instructions
✅ Readymade automation scenarios in Zapier / Make
✅ Shortcut blueprints you can implement one-click
✅ Airtable templates for organising your data
✅ Prompting guide
✅ Bonus Chapter — Building your own AI Assistant
✅ Bonus Chapter — Using GPT-4 to help with creative work & video

👉 Check out sample chapter here

In detail, we're going to explore the following areas:

  • Possibilities and limitations of GPT-4 and ChatGPT
  • Introduction to techniques for writing queries to GPT-4 and ChatGPT
  • Playground and essential settings [macOS / Windows]
  • Macro Shortcuts (iOS/macOS) and Autohotkey Script (Windows) to make GPT-4 accessible everywhere [macOS / Windows]
  • Translating with GPT-4 (considering tone and context) [macOS / Windows]
  • Text summarization (in various forms) [macOS / Windows]
  • Grammar and readability correction (also in Polish) [macOS / Windows]
  • Modifying large amounts of text [macOS / Windows]
  • Adding quick notes with GPT-4 [macOS]
  • Quickly adding tasks with GPT-4 and Make.com [macOS / Windows]
  • Saving and categorizing URLs with GPT-4 and Make.com [macOS / Windows]
  • Learning with GPT-4, e.g., English idioms [macOS]
  • Generating formulas and code snippets, e.g., JavaScript [macOS / Windows]
  • Macros responding to specific topics [macOS / Windows]
  • Hey GPT-4 - ask GPT-4 anything and hear the answer [iOS]
  • Techniques for working with a large number of Shortcuts macros [macOS]
  • Bonus chapter for Linux users
  • Bonus chapter introducing Prompt Engineering
  • Bonus chapter with inspirations for using GPT-4 in business processes
  • Bonus chapter with inspirations for using GPT-4 in creative processes

Who is this product for?

Well, although it's true that you'll find things like this in the framework:

or this:

and also this:

That doesn't mean that this bundle is only for technical people.

I created it so that everyone can get inspired and create their own automations.
To use this bundle:

🟢 You don't need any coding skills
🟢 If you have previous experience with tools like Make, Zapier, Airtable - that's great, not obligatory
🟢 If you are eager to get to know automation, no-code and low-code solutions - perfect
🟢 If you've been using ChatGTP or OpenAI API already and want to dive deeper - that's it
🟢 You are willing to learn, think and tinker rather than expect ready-made-out-of-the-box results (although you get those, too;)
🟢 You are quite good with obtaining new tools and fluent with regular computer work


As I mentioned, you get some bonuses, too. For example in one of the bonus Chapters, Greg is explaining his creative process with GPT-4 that let him create a complete video in less than 2 hours. The result is quite spectacular:


You will mostly benefit from this bundle if you're using Apple ecosystem, however, I've tried my best to create as many resources as possible available for Windows, too (using Autohotkey). Also, I've included a dedicated chapter for Linux users.


I believe I was able to figure out something not only interesting but really helpful in my everyday work with GPT-4.
And that's exactly why I want to invite you to my world so that you can get much more from AI for yourself!

Adam & Jakub

Reviews from early users:

There we go, GPT-4 applications allow you to save a lot of time.
I've used GPT-3 before, but reading this publication gave me a lot of new ideas to apply in my daily life.
I recommend it!
- Daniel Noworyta

I love watching the work of other people who are passionate about automation. This ebook is the perfect source of inspiration for how to make life easier using AI (GPT-4). Interesting ideas served, solutions that you can implement like "plug & play" devices.
- Marcin Łukiańczyk

Huge thanks for this compilation. In a nutshell, it shows the whole array of very useful GPT use cases along with detailed instructions and macros to download. I read it once, took notes, and after finishing, I immediately planned to review many issues again.
- Jan Wilczyński

As a standard with Adam's publications, this e-book is top-notch and offers practical advice without unnecessary fluff. The content is accessible enough for even someone who is just beginning to explore the GPT-4 engine.
- Mateusz Wyciślik

The ebook can be summed up in one word - meat🍖 It's the perfect material for people who are just starting to take their first steps in the world of GPT-4 or those who need specific inspiration/examples of its use.
- Wojtek Dasiukiewicz

The internet is currently experiencing a hype wave for GPT. Adam and Kuba were following the topic before it was trendy! :) In the e-book, you'll learn what this subject is all about. The gentlemen share knowledge that allows you to save dozens of hours of work per month. They focus on the practical implementation of GPT-4 into the reader's activities. I read the e-book in one sitting, implemented it, and highly recommend it :)
- Michal Kowalczyk

I've finished the entire e-book, and as usual with Adam's work, it's packed with valuable content, a simple introduction to the topic, and quick implementation of advice thanks to macros and scenarios. 🤯 ← me after reading ;D In my opinion, it's definitely worth reading and implementing both personally and in your company.
- Batlomiej Oliwa

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Everyday with GPT-4

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